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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 On Course For September Release With Production Beginning In August

News   •   Jul 01, 2013 08:00 BST

Over the past two months the majority of mobile news has been dominated by the Galaxy S4 device from Samsungs and the multitude of variants on the model that are set to be released.  It now looks as though Samsung are preparing to release another new model in the shape of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  It has been rumoured that this model will be unveiled at the IFA event which is taking place in Germany during September and new reports about this model make this possible launch even more realistic.

The latest news coming from South Korea which relates to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is suggesting that Samsung are looking to kick off the mass production of this phone during August, making an IFA launch of the phone a distinct possibility.  Insider sources at Samsung have revealed that the South Korean electronics giants have already placed orders with various component suppliers in preparation for the production beginning.  This in turn has delighted many of these suppliers who were somewhat annoyed with Samsung for recently reducing orders for their flagship Galaxy S4 model down to 6.5 million for July.  The early production of the Note 3 is seen as an olive branch from Samsung for these producers while the introduction of several new S4 variants should help to make up for the shortfall caused by the order reduction.

This latest news has reportedly come from an insider source at Samsung and they have commented that Samsung "had reduced the order to each suppliers at the similar rates. Since we will start placing orders for follow-up models, such as Galaxy Note III, from August, the impact to suppliers will be minimal".  If this new turns out to be genuine it suggests that the model will be unveiled during September as predicted.  Samsung released last year Samsung Galaxy Note 2 model at the IFA Event in Berlin and it is believed that the Korean manufacturer are keen to do so again with their latest model.  They will also be eager for the new device to hit shelves shortly after this event and this early production run will ensure that hey have high levels of stock to satisfy what is set to be very high levels of demand for the model.  Visit our website for the best Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deals

It looks as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is on course to be unveiled at IFA 2013 following news that production of the large screened new device will begin in August.