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The Samsung Galaxy Note-A Surprising Success With Consumers

News   •   Aug 31, 2012 20:01 BST

When the Samsung Galaxy Note was first introduced a few months ago it received a mixed reception. There was no doubting that the phone offered some great specification and features but the sheer size of the device led many people to question whether it would be a hit with consumers. Samsung have now unveiled figures that illustrate that smartphone consumers actually love the large screen.

When the Samsung Galaxy Note was first launched it clocked up an impressive 5 million sales inside the first three months. These figures surpassed what Samsung imagined the phone could achieve and proved that the big display was perfect for a multitude of tasks ranging from video playback to mobile gaming. Samsung have now stated that the model has gone on to sell over 10 million units, firmly establishing the model as one of the most popular smartphones around. There were initial reservations that after the first couple of months the novelty of such a large phone may wear off but this has proved incorrect and the popularity of the model continues to grow. This is the first phone with such a large screen to become successful, other manufacturers have tried and failed, most notably Dell with their Streak device. Owners of the model will be pleased that Samsung have launched an update for the operating system on this model to the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android and another is lined up for the new Jelly Bean version.

Anybody looking for a smartphone with a larger than average screen size would be well advised to take a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Sporting a massive 5.3 inch display the model is perfect for a variety of tasks ranging from video playback to mobile gaming. The model makes use of a 5.3 inch screen which is Super AMOLED technology, widely regarded as the best type of screen available. Super AMOLED does not only deliver great detail but also vivid colour reproduction and superb black tones that are much deeper than what can be found on rival types of display. The handset also packs a punch in the processing department thanks to a powerful 1.4Ghz dual core processor. The power on hand is more than enough to run all the vital elements on the phone at lightning speeds and multi tasking times are also very good. Other features worth a mention are the super camera facility which can take 8 mega pixel still images and record 1080P movie footage, helping to make this the perfect multi media device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note is an exceptional phone which despite its larger than average size has gone on to become a big success with consumers. The big attraction with this phone is the excellent large screen which is accompanied by a powerful processor and a great set of features.

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