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The Samsung Galaxy Note And The Google Nexus 7 Head To Head

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 07:41 BST

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect option for consumers tempted by both a smartphone and a tablet device as its screen size is nicely positioned between the two formats. We put this model up against the new Google Nexus 7, a small screen tablet, to see how the models compare in terms of screen technology and storage capacity.

At 5.3 inches in size the screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note can be described as the largest on any smartphone or as the smallest of any tablet device. When comparing the model to rival phones the extra size gives the model advantages in terms of web browsing and video playback. The screen uses Super AMOLED technology which offers super viewing angles and excellent levels of brightness. The quality of this screen is very high thanks to the 1280 x 800 resolution that it can display. When we combine this high resolution with the screen size the resulting pixel density is 285PPI which is very impressive indeed. The new Google Nexus 7 is one of the smallest tablet devices around with a screen that measure just 7 inches, a size that makes it very comparable to the Galaxy Note. Another area where the two devices are similar is with the resolution that they can offer which is identical. However because the Nexus 7 boasts the larger display things are not quite as evenly matched when it comes to pixel density. The Google tablet offers just 216PPI in this area which is fairly good for a tablet but far inferior to the level that the Galaxy Note offers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note also gives a good account of itself when it comes to storage capacity. The handset is available in two different size with the largest device boasting a huge 64GB of internal storage and the smaller unit a still impressive 32GB. Samsung have included a micro SD card slot on this model which means that users can add extra cards with capacities of up to 32GB. This means that even the most basic model potentially boasts 64GB of storage. The Google Nexus 7 is not quite so well equipped in this area. The manufacturers have also launched two versions with different internal storage but these options are much smaller than the Galaxy Note at 8GB and 16GB. If a micro SD card slot was present this would not pose to much of a problem but sadly no such facility is available on this model. Users do however have the option of using a cloud storage service if they require some extra space.

The Google Nexus 7 is a compact and attractive new tablet device but the Samsung Galaxy Note outclasses it in this comparison. The Samsung screen impresses us more thanks to its excellent pixel density while the storage options on the models are also superb.

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