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The Samsung Galaxy Note Is The Ideal Web browsing Device

News   •   Jul 21, 2012 00:22 BST

Samsung is now one of the top selling smartphone manufacturers the world, thanks to popular handsets like the Galaxy S2 and new flagship the Galaxy S3.  One of its unique devices which is also proving popular is the Samsung Galaxy Note.  In this article, I will take a closer look at the handset's attributes as a web browsing device, as this is now one of the most common uses for smartphones despite these devices being more versatile than ever.


In order to gain the optimum web browsing experience, the Samsung Galaxy Note utilises a couple of different connection methods based on factors such as signal strength and network coverage in your given location.  If you are not within range of a Wi-Fi network, the Galaxy Note utilises a 3G connection provided courtesy of your network operator's coverage.  This provides data download speeds of up to 21 MB per second which is among the fastest download speeds you will find on a mobile device.  This allows websites to load relatively quickly, and downloads are also fast.  When you are streaming data such as YouTube videos or music on Spotify, you will notice that there is minimal lag from buffering, and everything will load and play smoothly.


Wi-Fi is the alternative connection method, and is preferable to 3G for a couple of reasons.  Wi-Fi uses less battery consumption than a 3G connection, and it also provides fast download speeds as it uses an existing broadband connection which is then emitted through a wireless router.  In order to use a Wi-Fi connection, you must insure that the handset is within range of a router, and you have the appropriate login details such as a password to access the network.  Also, because you are not using your network provider's coverage, you will not incur any data charges and not use up your data allowance.


The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a pre-installed web browsing app which comes as part of the TouchWiz user interface package.  This is Samsung's custom Android interface which runs over the top of the highly popular mobile operating system.  This provides all the usual features that you would expect from any smartphone web browsing app.  Of course, you can choose to download alternative web browsing apps from Google Play with popular choices including Mozilla Firefox and Opera Mini.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is an incredibly versatile smartphone, and as you can see it has the attributes to excel as a web browsing device.  If you are looking for an alternative to the mainstream smartphone models which currently dominate the market, the Samsung Galaxy Note would be one of my top recommendations.

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