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The Samsung Galaxy Note Proves Stiff Competition To Its Sister Phone The Galaxy S3

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 15:38 BST

There are a number of premium smartphones currently available and two of the very best are produced by Samsung. We take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note and the new Galaxy S3, two high specification, large screened devices to see what they offer in terms of styling and screens.

If you are looking for a mobile phone with a large screen but do not fancy pushing the boundaries to a tablet device then the Samsung Galaxy Note is the model for you. This phone boasts the largest possible screen on the market at 5.3 inches. Many people comment that the model is almost a cross between a tablet and a phone but we feel the size is just small enough to let it qualify as a smartphone. The screen uses Super AMOLED technology to produce outstanding images and the super high resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels enables the devices to display an impressive 285 pixels per inch. The Galaxy S3 incorporates a slightly smaller screen at 4.8 inches but one that once again makes use of the excellent Super AMOLED technology resulting in great quality. The resolution of this model comes in slightly lower than the Note at 1280 x 720 pixels but because of the reduced screen size this results in a slightly improved pixel density of 306PPI. Although this model may have the edge over its sister model on paper, in practice the massive screen on the Galaxy Note delivers an amazing experience unlike any other mobile that we have encountered.

Despite the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3 being produced by the same people the two models offer very different designs. Anybody familiar with last years Galaxy S2 will see the resemblance in the Galaxy Note. The model looks like a scaled up version of this phone but we feel the angular and slab like design lends itself to the bigger screen that the Galaxy Note offers. The model features a textured back plate which looks and feels superb while the slim profile helps to give the model a really futuristic appearance. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is also a very nice looking phone but the more curvy design on this model does not catch the eye in the same manner as the Galaxy Note does. The model is similar in looks to a number of other devices including handsets from HTC which makes it hard for it to stand out against its rivals in this area. There are two really attractive colour variants of the phone available which are Blue and With while the Note comes in a more common black and white version.

The Samsung Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S3 are two of the best large screen phones around. Both model offer leading screen technology and this is evident in the results that they produce. We do prefer the design of the Galaxy Note however and feel that it really suits the large screen and helps the model to look unlike any other phone on the market.

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