The Samsung Galaxy Note: Too Big or Just Right?

News   •   Mar 30, 2012 13:00 BST

There are many people that love Apple’s products. They might trade in their iPhone 4 for an iPhone 4S and have an iPad. Those two devices perform very similar tasks but are used in different ways. The iPad is more of a funky laptop while the iPhone is a funky phone. When it comes to those that don’t mind straying from Apple’s hold on the market, then Samsung can fit your needs with just one device. The Galaxy Note is a PDA, tablet and smartphone rolled into one oddly-sized unit. It has a 5.3” touchscreen that has its own stylus, but it’s not big enough to be called a tablet and too big to be just a phone.

It follows the basic layout of the other Galaxy units that become increasingly larger until they get to the Note. The HD screen is blessed with Super AMOLED technology which makes the clarity and quality unbelievably good. Backed up with a 1.4GHz dual core processor and 64GB of memory, it’s difficult to fault. Although it’s much bigger than regular smartphones, it can be held in one hand which is certainly difficult with the iPad or iPad 2. You might struggle to fit it in your jeans pocket but a coat pocket will do or a handbag for the ladies.

The extra power and memory of the gubbins inside really show their worth when it comes to the 720p HD video and images that you can take. On a 1280 x 800 resolution screen, the picture quality is deeply impressive and thanks to the squarer screen the images are more realistic compared to the stretched nature of narrower phones. It’s much more of a tablet PC in this respect. As you scroll around the screen using the exceptional TouchWiz interface, which incidentally runs beautifully with Android, the usability is one of the best around.

Thanks to the S-Pen (which is essentially a stylus) you can handwrite on the screen and after a few goes it will recognise your handwriting so you can write quickly without error. If you don’t fancy the S-Pen or you want to use the phone on-the-move then the touchscreen is so much better than other phones. There is accuracy and a delicacy to each movement that makes it so intuitive to use. You can of course use the Swype-enabled virtual QWERTY keyboard which some feel is much faster than using the S-Pen.

The camera records at 30fps and at full HD 1080p, and with a front-facing camera you can easily make video calls. The 8-megapixel camera for still images is very impressive too, and you’ll soon see that buying a Samsung Galaxy Note means you don’t need any other gadgets as this packs pretty-much everything you could ever want. With a 2500mAh battery, you can enjoy many hours of play, calls, video, work and usage before you need to recharge, but the exact figure depends on how many resources you use at the same time. Compared to the S2, which has a 1650mAh battery, you can be assured that it is more than enough.

In conclusion, if you want the very best smartphone and don’t want to buy a tablet or a PDA as well, then the Samsung Galaxy Note is definitely the one for you.