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The Samsung Galaxy S3-A Key Factor In Samsungs Great Start To 2012

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 13:52 BST

In 2011 the Samsung Galaxy S2 was a runaway success story and it looks as though the new Samsung Galaxy S3 will prove equally as successful. the launch of this new model has helped Samsung to post record breaking profits for the first half of 2012.

In the first six months of this year Samsung have posted a profit of $5.9 million, the most successful results in the history of the company. Samsung are known for producing a wide range of consumer electronics ranging from the latest televisions to component parts but their Galaxy range of mobile smartphones are responsible for 70% of their profits. This year the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a major factor, despite the fact that it was only officially released in may. Building upon the success of the Galaxy S2 this phone has helped Samsung to enjoy a 70 per cent year on year increase and a further 36 per cent is predicted for Q3 of 2012. These figures have been helped by the absence of the new iPhone 5. With Apple unlikely to launch their new handset until Q4 it is predicted the the third quarter will also be superb for Samsung. Sales of the S3 will inevitably slow down when the new iPhone 5 does arrive but that does not mean that Samsung will not benefit from the release of a rival phone. The company produce component parts that are to be used in the new iPhone and therefore the success of the model will actually continue to benefit Samsung.

There are many factors behind the great success that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has enjoyed. The reputation of its predecessor is an important factor but on its own the handsets boasts some superb specification. A new 4.8 inch Super AMOLED screen is included on the model and it delivers arguably the most impressive image quality that we have sen on any mobile phone. The large screen is great for a multitude of tasks and despite its size the model remains one of the slimmest phones around. The S3 is an exceptionally fast device and this is thanks to the new Exynos 4212 chipset that is used on the phone. This set up comprises of a powerful quad core A9 processor and a very capable Mali 400MP graphics processing unit. The S3 is available in a variety of different storage options catering for all different kinds of consumers and other factors such as the super camera features and new Smart Stay software have all helped to make this phone a runaway success.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 sits proudly at the top of the smartphone tree and only the new iPhone 5 can stop this phone becoming the most popular device of 2012. Thanks to the success of this phone the Samsung are enjoying a very prosperous start to 2012.

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