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The Samsung Galaxy S3 And iPhone 4S Boasts Excellent Web Browsing Features

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 23:11 BST

As web browsing devices, smartphones are now better equipped than ever before.  The iPhone 4S has long been one of the most popular smartphones available, and is highly regarded for its web browsing capabilities.  However, a number of other manufacturers have recently released their 2012 flagship smartphones, giving Apple's iconic device a run for its money.  In this article, I will compare the browsing capabilities of the iPhone 4S with those of the Samsung Galaxy S3.


In order to provide the best internet connection based on factors such as local network coverage and signal strength, the Apple iPhone 4S utilises a couple of different connection methods.  When using a data connection provided by your network's coverage, data download speeds of up to 14.4 MB per second are achievable.  This means websites load rather quickly, and you will also notice that streamed data such as YouTube videos load and play with minimal buffering, and downloads of apps and email attachments will be fast.  When users have access to a Wi-Fi network, an even faster connection is available, and this also has the added benefits of less battery consumption and it will not use up your data allowance or incur any charges, should you have such restrictions on your contract.  Because the iPhone 4S runs iOS which is Apple's smartphone and tablet optimised platform, it has the well known Safari app as its default web browser.  This is the smartphone optimised version of the popular desktop web browsing package and shares many of its features, but there are several alternatives available for download from the AppStore.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has already proven to be a popular choice, allowing in the footsteps of its predecessor and Samsung's former flagship, the Galaxy S2.  It uses the same connection methods as the iPhone 4S, however when using a 3G connection, faster speeds of up to 21 MB per second can be achieved, which is among the fastest available on a mobile device.  The Samsung Galaxy S3 utilises the latest version of the popular Android operating system, and the Samsung TouchWiz user interface runs over the top of this providing the default web browsing application.  This has all the features that you would expect, however if you wish to download alternatives like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, simply visit Google Play where you will find many such titles.


Because the Samsung Galaxy S3 also has a powerful quad-core processor and a much larger screen than the iPhone 4S, on paper many will see this as the superior web browsing device.  However, the iPhone 5 is due to be released later this year, so the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will certainly face tough competition.

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