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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Boasts A Number Of Screen Improvements From The Galaxy S2

News   •   Jul 16, 2012 01:06 BST

In 2011 the most popular mobile smartphone was undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S2. This stylish phone sold over 30 million units and won numerous awards from industry experts. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the successor to this model and the manufacturers hope that this powerful new device can match the success that its predecessor enjoyed. We see how the design and screen technology has evolved between these two handsets.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers one of the best examples of mobile display technology currently available. The model makes use of a 4.8 inch screen which uses Super AMOLED technology to create vivid images and a huge range of colours. In addition to its quality the screen is also very efficient reducing strain on the battery. This large display can show an impressive resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and a very good pixel density of 306PPI. Usually when we start to look at larger screens you begin to see a drop in pixel density so the fact that this model tops the 300 mark is superb. When we compare these figures to the Samsung Galaxy S2 you can see improvements in most areas. The S2 still used Super AMOLED technology but on a much smaller panel of 4.3 inches. The resolution on this model was also much lower at 800 x 480 pixels although at the time of its release this was one of the highest levels available. When we combine the screen size with the resolution the resulting pixel density is 217PPI, nearly 100 pixels per inch lower than what the new S3 offers.

One area where the changes between the two models have not been so drastic is with the design. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 sports a design very different from the S2 in the fact that it features more curves and a less angular design. This stylish new look certainly catches the eye but it is hard to say if it actually impresses us more than the S2. The new curved look is very similar to a number of other phones and at a glance the model fails to stand out from the crowd. We also feel that Samsung may have gone with a more metallic chassis rather than plastic. The plastic is incredibly light weight but it also feels inferior to some materials used on other phones. The S2 boasted a much more futuristic design that was easy to spot at a distance. Curves on the model were minimal and users were given sharp corners and plenty of straight lines. This model could never be described as the most stylish phone around but it did have an air of individuality that is lacking on the new S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 improves in many departments on what the Galaxy S2 offered us. The screen is vastly superior although the new design is more of a side-wards step rather than a big leap forward.

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