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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Comes Out On Top For Battery Life

News   •   Jul 30, 2012 08:51 BST

One area that disappoints many consumers with modern smartphones is the relatively low battery life that the models offer. The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most powerful device on the market so you may expect it to boast the lowest battery life but new tests have actually discovered that this model is one of the best devices around in this area.

Over time we have gained a pretty good idea about the battery life on certain models as a result of testing numerous devices. In the UK consumer company Which have now conducted their own extensive tests to see which smartphone come out on time in terms of battery life and somewhat surprisingly the Samsung Galaxy S3 topped the list. The reason that this is surprising is that the model is one of only a few that boast a quad core processor, a chip that is supposedly more power hungry than single core versions. Yet in the Which test the S3 came first and another quad core phone, the HTC One X came in second. In terms of talk time the test discovered that a massive 726 minutes could be achieved with the S3 when connected to a 3G network. The iPhone 4S, the nearest rival to the S3 in terms of sales clocked 476 minutes while the average figure from all one hundred phones tested was around the 515 minute mark. This news will delight Samsung as it ensures that the phone is not only the highest specification on the market but it also delivers the top performance times.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was release in May 2012 and in a short amount of time has already clocked up over 10 million sales. The phone sports some superb features which is why it has such appeal with the public. The camera feature on the phone is second to none and can capture still photos at a resolution of 8 million pixels and also record video footage at 1080P HD quality. This means that the user need not carry around separate recording equipment to achieve great results. Plenty of storage capacity is available on the phone and three different sized handsets are available. The smallest of these offers 16GB which should suffice for average users while the premium 64GB version will appeal to those wanting to store plenty of HD video footage. A micro SD card slot is also featured meaning that capacity can be expanded by up to 32GB if required.

We already knew that the Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the top phones around in terms of specification and now the model also tops the polls in terms of battery life. At this moment no handset around can match what the model has to offer and only time will tell if the iPhone 5 raises the bar when it is finally released.

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