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The Samsung Galaxy S3-Improvements On This Model From The Best Selling Galaxy S2

News   •   Jul 16, 2012 07:36 BST

Over the past two years we have seen the popularity of the iPhone replaced by a new series of smartphones. The Galaxy range of handsets from Samsung have consistently proved to be superb phones and this fact is backed up by the great review that the models receive. In 2011 the Galaxy S2 was named phone of the year and we have now been treated to an even better model in the form of the new Samsung Galaxy S3. We see how processing and camera facilities have changed on these two models.

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the fastest handsets on the market thanks to the high quality chipset that is featured on the model. Samsung are known for there superb Exynos chipsets and this model sports the latest 4212 version of the architecture. The main part of this chipset is the power 1.4Ghz Cortex A9 processor, the first quad core chip that Samsung have ever offered on a mobile device. The quad cores that are present men that the processor is capable of performing multiple tasks at the same time without there being a negative effect on the performance of the phone. This model is far superior to the Galaxy S2 in this area although the older handset still gives many modern phones a run for their money. The S2 was the first dual core device released by Samsung and it actually features a slightly less power, 1.2Ghz version of the same processor. One are that has not changed is the graphics processing chip with both models making use of the super Mali 400MP GPU, widely regarded as the ultimate graphics processor.

AT a glance it may look as though there is not much difference between these two models in terms of camera features with both handsets offering HD video capture and 8 mega pixel still photographs. When you look a little closer however you will see that not only does the S3 boast a more varied list of useful features it also records video at the higher resolution 1080P standard of HD. The Galaxy S2 offers the more basic 720P standard. Both models incorporate the basic camera features that you would expect such as geo tagging facilities and an LED flash but the Galaxy S3 goes further by also including some impressive new features. The ones that really stand out to us are the new Rapid Shot mode which quickly takes a succession of snaps and leaves the user to pick their favourite from the series, a feature perfect for capturing action shots. The other new feature we loved is the fact that the phone can record images while capturing video footage at the same time, a potentially useful trick to have.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 remains a very capable smartphone that should still compete well in the mid range of the phone market. The Samsung Galaxy S3 however offers numerous improvements including a more advanced chipset and a more varied set of camera features.

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