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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Is Well Equipped For Browsing The Internet

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 23:43 BST

Web browsing is an increasingly common task for smartphones these days, so it comes as no surprise to many new handsets boast a number of features to enhance the user's web browsing experience.  In this article will take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S3 and how it performs as a web browsing device.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 utilises a couple of different methods to connect to the internet.  The first relies on mobile networks 3G coverage, where the handset utilises an HSDPA connection.  This provides data download speeds of up to 21 MB per second which is among the fastest download speeds available on any smartphone.  This ensures fast loading times of websites, along with embedded content like flash graphics and games.  This also means that content downloads quickly, such as apps and email attachments as well as streamed data like YouTube videos will load and play instantly with minimal buffering and lag.


Another method that the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses to connect to the internet is Wi-Fi.  This is preferable to 3G for a number of reasons.  First of all, the connection is faster, there is also the added bonus of less battery consumption than 3G.  In order to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you require the login details to a wireless router which utilises an existing broadband connection.  Because this method uses an existing internet connection there are no charges when using Wi-Fi on other devices like smartphones.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has the TouchWiz user interface which runs over the top of the latest version of the popular Android platform called Ice Cream Sandwich.  Part of the TouchWiz package includes its default internet browsing app which provides a surprisingly desktop like internet browsing experience with similar features like multiple tabs, back and forward shortcuts, and the ability to customise your homepages and set favourite websites as bookmarks so they can be easily accessed without having in an entire URL every time you wish to visit them.  Just like most other TouchWiz apps, an intuitive user interface ensures that as easy to use, although if you wish to use a different app there are plenty available from Google Play which can be downloaded straight to the device with popular titles including Google Chrome or Opera Mini.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course offers plenty more features besides internet browsing, and as you can see, thanks to a number of different connection methods and user friendly web browsing app, it ticks all the boxes in this department.

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