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The Samsung Galaxy S3-Make The Most Of Battery Life On This Phone

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 15:15 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 offers users numerous superb features but all of these have a negative effect on the battery life of the model. We take a look at two super add ons that can help you out if your battery is running low and also give you some tips about improving the battery life of this super model.

The Samsung Extra Battery Kit is a fairly self explanatory accessory for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This handy kit features a second battery which can be easily added to the model in a matter of seconds. The kit takes the form of a useful desktop docking station which is also capable of charging your device. Hidden away behind where the phone slots in is a section holding the spare battery so it is always handy if required. If you find your battery running low while on the move then the better option may be the new Power Bank accessory. This gadget is a case which fits snugly around the S3 handset. Unlike other cases this one features its own 2200mAh battery which can charge the phone via a micro USB dock which plugs into the phone. If you do not mind the extra bulk that this adds to the phone it is a superb idea that really helps you to maximise the usage of your handset. A handy kickstand is also featured for propping up your device when viewing multi media material.

Making the most of the battery on your Samsung Galaxy S3 need not cost you any money at all. With a few minor changes you can dramatically improve the life expectancy of the model. A basic tip that can be applied to all smartphones is to reduce the brightness of the display. This can place a huge strain on the battery and taking it down a couple of notches will have a positive effect. On the S3 this task can be performed from the notifications bar. Another feature which hinders battery life on the phone is the new Smart Stay software. Despite being designed to improve battery life we experienced positive results with it deactivated. It is also worth switching off connectivity options such as GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi when not in use as this also greatly improves performance times.

Despite boasting one of the most powerful batteries around the Samsung Galaxy S3 still offers a shorter life expectancy from the cell than many users would like. The two accessories we have looked at are perfect for those times when battery levels are very low. The tips we mentioned are also worth implementing to help you squeeze more life form your phone.

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