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The Samsung Galaxy S3-New Photogrid Application Really Impresses

News   •   Jul 23, 2012 08:48 BST

There are many superb features on the new Samsung Galaxy S3 that grab the attention of consumers. One area that really impressed us about this new device was the excellent camera feature boasted by the phone. There are several applications available that enable users to do even more with the photos that they capture on the phone. We look at Photogrid, our favourite photo app available for this model.

The idea of Photogrid for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is to let users arrange a collection of images together on a single shot, rather like a collage. Nearly everybody who owns a phone will use the camera function at some point but many of us stick to the pre installed software and do little more with the final image than share it with friends. Photogrid gives the opportunity to create attractive collections of images in a straight forward and simple manner. Using this software it is easy to make an image featuring your best friends or snaps from a recent holiday. The software enables the final image to be easily stored to the handset and in turn this can be posted to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, making a nice change from the standard single images that are usually uploaded. Another photo sharing site that is very popular is Instagram and Photogrid even offers a mode that automatically resizes images ready for posting on this service.

One of the really attractive aspects of Photogrid for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is that it makes creating an attractive image a very simple task. The interface is well designed and presents users with a simple grid layout that features three rows, each of which has room for three photographs. This is where you initially chose the images that you want to feature in your collage. Once you have chosen your snaps is when the fun begins. You can then select any shot and rotate and resize the image, making it really stand out or fade into the background. The software also offers a choice of backgrounds designed to add even more appeal to your creation. In fairness we found some of these a little to fussy and often preferred a simple white background that made the images stand out.

Photogrid and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are the perfect match for one another. The phone offers a high quality camera which enables super quality shots to be taken. A number of great features accompany this facility including a great rapid shot mode. Once the images are recorded then Photogrid can be used to create eye catching and stylish collages featuring your favourite snaps.

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