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The Samsung Galaxy S3 To Be Promoted During The Olympic Games

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 17:56 BST

In a short amount of time the 2012 Olympic Games will be underway. Not only does this massive global event give athletes the chance to compete but it is also a great marketing platform for companies to promote goods and services. One of the co sponsors of the games is Samsung and the event gives them the opportunity to put their products in the limelight. One such product is the new Samsung Galaxy S3 mobile phone which will see a special edition created especially for the event.

Smartphone fans eager to buy one of these new limited edition phones will be disappointed, the model is being produced purely for athletes who compete in the tournament. Although the physical specification of the model will be no different it will offer different software and applications to the retail model and one app set to be included is the new Visa Paywave App. Visa are also sponsoring the games so it gives them a great chance to promote this new software which makes use of the NFC features on the handset to turn it into a virtual wallet. They are hoping to have over 140 thousand retailers offering Paywave facilities by the start of the games. These will be in the form of special terminals that will allow users to simply swipe their phone to pay for goods. This is done via NFC which is very secure so there are no worries about your data falling into the wrong hands. NFC is set to become a vital aspect of modern mobile but at this moment in time the Galaxy S3 is one of a few models to boast the service.

The 2012 Olympics will help the new Samsung Galaxy S3 to enjoy a very successful third quarter of the year. It is predicted that by the end of this period over 19 million S3 devices will have been sold. With Apple likely to launch the new iPhone 5 early in Q4 it means that the Samsung sit relatively unchallenged at the top of the smartphone tree. The popularity of this model is also thanks to the wealth of super features that are boasted by the phone. One aspect that has attracted many consumers is the high quality 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display which is half an inch larger than what was featured on the Galaxy S2. The model is also extremely quick thanks to the powerful 1.4Ghz processor which forms part of the Exynos 4212 chipset of the phone. Samsung have also included some innovative new features to help preserve the battery life on the model such as Smart Stay. This tracks the movements of the users eyes and will dim the screen accordingly when it is not being viewed.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been a runaway success in 2012 and its popularity looks set to continue thanks to the model gaining much attention from the forthcoming Olympic games.

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