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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini-Model Confirmed By Samsung

News   •   Jun 03, 2013 11:51 BST

The announcement of a major event which is due to be held by Samsung only brings one thing to mind and that is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which has recently received a lot of press. The Korean manufacturer has now confirmed that we will indeed see the new device unveiled at the event which is to be held in London on the 20th of June.

News of the unveiling of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was posted on the company's official blog. The company have not only confirmed that this exciting new device will be debuting at the event, but they have also divulged some details surrounding the specification that the device will offer. There will not just be one version of this new model available, but two one of which will offer the standard 3G connectivity and the other will boast 4G LTE network connectivity. At this time we do not know if both of these models will be made available here in the UK. We will get our first look at the new S4 Mini on the 20th of June at the event, but we have not yet received confirmation of when the device will be released in the UK although we do expect to see it hit the shelves pretty soon after the event. If we receive anymore information regarding this handset we will be sure to update you as soon as possible.  Click here for more Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini News

Samsung's press release regarding the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini details the sort of specification that we have to look forward to. A 4.3 inch display will be present which is capable of a qHD resolution and when this is teamed with the Super AMOLED technology that the screen boasts, consumers will be receive superb image quality and excellent viewing angles. The new slimline device only weighs 107 grams. As expected some of the specification will be slightly lower than that offered by the original S4, but this is how the company are able to keep the price competitive.  A dual core processor clocked at 1.7Ghz is on board and this will be accompanied by 1.5GB of RAM memory. Speculation points towards a Snapdragon 400 chip processor also being on board although this is still to be confirmed.  Find the best Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini offers here

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has now been confirmed by the company and we will see the model unveiled at a major event which is to be held in London on the 20th of June. This new compact device is sure to please with its combination of great specification teamed with its stylish design.