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The Samsung Galaxy S4 On Course To Become The Company's Most Popular Smartphone Ever

News   •   Jul 03, 2013 20:03 BST

Samsung have achieved great levels of success with their Galaxy S range of smartphone over the past three years so hopes were understandably high when the Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in April.  It seems that this new handset has not disappointed as new figures reveal that the phone is on course to become Samsung's most popular smartphone device of all time.

  Two months have passed since we first saw the Samsung Galaxy S4 hit shelves across the globe and it seems as though the model is proving to be the success story that everybody predicted it would be.  Previous models in the range have achieved record breaking sales but the S4 is set to top them all following the news that the device has shifted 20 million units in the two months following its release.   Recent reports had suggested that sales of the phone were lower than expected and this had in turn resulted in Samsung decreasing production but it seems as though these stories may have been wide of the mark.  The Samsung CEO, JK Shin, revealed the figures and commented that the milestone was reached before the end of June.  It took last year's Samsung Galaxy S3 three months to reach the same figure.  Read more on this S4 story here

There are numerous reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is such a popular model but the innovative features that are present on the phone seem to have struck a chord with consumers.  Perhaps the standout aspect of the model is its eye tracking technology which enable features such as Smart Pause and Smart Scroll to be used.  Asides from the features the model also offers some of the best specification around which includes a powerful Qualcomm quad core processor and a 13 megapixel camera.  The screen is also pretty special measuring 5 inches in size and boasting Full HD resolution.  Compare all the S4Galaxy offers from leading network providers

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is on course to become the most popular smartphone ever released by Samsung thanks to a great blend of eye catching design, innovative features and some truly wonderful specification.