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The Sony Xperia Z-Nexus Version Of The Device To Arrive Over The Summer

News   •   Jun 06, 2013 20:35 BST

It is becoming more common for smartphone consumers to want to use their devices minus the hinderance that the manufacturers own user interface often delivers.  For this reason pure Android versions of selected models are becoming more popular and recently two best selling handsets have been confirmed to have Nexus Editions arriving over the coming weeks.  New speculation suggests that the Sony Xperia Z will be the third model to get the Nexus treatment over the coming weeks.

At the Google I/O developers conference it was announced that a Nexus version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be released over the summer and this news was soon followed by the announcement that a similar version of the 5 million selling HTC One would also be launched.  New reports from Android Geeks suggest that the third member of the Nexus Edition family will be the Sony Xperia Z.  The tech site state that these reports have come from an insider at Sony and that the model would get a launch during July although no specific dates have been given.  Just like the other two models being released the handset is set to retail in the Google Play store and will be supplied SIM free allowing users to insert a SIM card from the network provider of their choice.  More Information On The Nexus Edition SonyXperia Z

Recently it was announced that a special version of the Sony Xperia Z would be released running on the Android Open Source Project.  This delivers a similar experience to the Nexus Edition however the model is primarily designed for developers so their are one or two issues when it comes to using the model in everyday scenarios.  The introduction of the official Nexus Edition will enable to deliver the complete Android experience to users while also enabling them to get updates much quicker than ever before.  This is because the updates will be issued by Google as their will be no need for Sony Engineers to adapt them to work with the company's own interface and other pieces of software.  This should in turn mean that updates are received weeks ahead of when users of the standard model can expect them.  Discover outstanding offers on the Xperia Z from Sony

News that a Nexus Edition of the popular Sony Xperia Z device is set to be released will delight Android fans who will be eager to get the pure Android experience on this highly specified model.