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The Sony Xperia Z Ultra To Be Stocked By Phones 4 U

News   •   Jul 07, 2013 20:22 BST

Sony first released their Xperia Z smartphone earlier in the year following the handset being unveiled at CES 2013.  Since then the model has been a big success with consumers and now Sony are set to capitalise on the good name that the model has established by releasing the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra.  This large screened new handset is direct competition for devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and one leading UK retailer have already said that they will be stocking this device.

With some new smartphone releases some retailers test the water by waiting to see how good initial sales of the model are before committing on whether to stock the model or not.  It looks as though Phones 4 U in the UK are happy that the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra will be a success and are the first retailer to confirm that they will stock this exciting new device.  They have begun registering interest for the model both via their online site and in their high street outlets.   Exact release dates and pricing deals for the new model are yet to be announced but Phones 4 U have stated that they will contact customers who have registered as soon as this information is released.  Check out more news on this story here

Just like the flagship Sony Xperia Z model the new Xperia Z Ultra will offer some superb specification but the stand out facility on the phone will be the massive display which measures a mammoth 6.44 inches in size and can display a resolution of 1080P.  This will put the model firmly in phablet territory with models such as the Galaxy Note's from Samsung and the rumoured HTC One Max.  A concern with such a large screen is that it could prove negative to the battery performance on the phone but Sony have included a new Stamina mode on the handset which is designed to preserve battery life.   In addition to this the battery itself is a very ample 3050mAh capacity which will delight consumers.   Other features on Sony's latest model include a powerful quad core processor while users can use a variety of objects as a stylus rather than be restricted to one that comes supplied with the phone.   Check out a variety of Sony handset 12 month deals in one place here.

Sony will be hoping that the new Sony Xperia Z Ultra proves as much of a success with consumers as the original Sony Xperia Z which continues to sell well across the globe.