The UK to See 4G By December?

News   •   Mar 20, 2012 10:00 GMT

The owners of T-Mobile and Orange, Everything Everywhere, are trying to get Ofcom to allow a faster mobile broadband spectrum to replace the spectrum that is already there. The news does not bode well for other networks that want to put their own plans in place but for UK mobile customers it’s welcomed news.

Vodafone are also trying to push the Government to allow the next generation of mobile broadband to be put into place, which will not only help those rural dwellers that currently struggle to even get a signal but it will speed up everyone’s mobile broadband significantly. While many competitors of Everything Everywhere might not be able to fund the move to 4G broadband, Ofcom insists that if it goes ahead then the telecoms giants cannot monopolise the market.

The timing of putting 4G into place matches up perfectly with analogue TV being switched off and as the Government are keen to catch up to European and America in terms of mobile broadband speeds, the advancement could be seen even sooner than Christmas. The spectrum that would reuse the existing one would bring mobile broadband speeds up to at least 10MBps, and give rural mobile users far more use which would in turn see more mobile phone sales. As the UK cannot get left behind with technology compared to other developed countries, the speediness of Ofcom’s decision is of paramount importance. As Everything Everywhere is keen to push the regulator as hard as possible we might not even have to wait that long.

As a step in the right direction, Ofcom has granted the 1800MHz license recently so that it can deploy 4G LTE sooner and it already has been put on trial in Bristol and Cornwall first before allowing it to be rolled out across the whole mobile broadband spectrum. With more and more people using and relying on mobile broadband for social and business use the news that 4G could be seen even earlier than December is incredible. The £1.5bn investment for the upgrade is already put in place by the telecoms giant although the mobile dongle will most likely be seen as the main purchase once it does get rolled out.

With the iPhone 5 on its way at the end of the year and a whole host of other handsets being available with cheap mobile phone contracts you can expect that the mobile phone market will continue to boom. As people hunt around for the best mobile phone deals in light of the 4G news, has a wide range to choose from. We will know for sure about Ofcom’s decision and a provisional date by April 17th next month, but experts expect that December will be the latest that here in the UK we will see 4G LTE being rolled out across the whole mobile spectrum.

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