The White iPhone 4S and its iOS 5

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 13:00 BST

Apple seems to always raise the bar higher when it comes to producing high-tech and luxurious mobile phones. The worldwide techies have been conditioned to start anticipating around June every year waiting for the next rebirth of the iPhone. This also creates a notion that when Apple missed its own summer deadline announcements, rumours will start circulating in the mobile phones market trying to figure out what surprise does Apple will offer in Autumn. That is also why all eyes are now focused on a brand new and must-have iPhone 5. However, there was no iPhone 5 released yet, but Apple released a renewed iPhone 4S and now available in white colour.

The white iPhone 4S has also the same features and specifications similar to black iPhone 4S. Although it lacks impact of the iPhone 4, it has a more brilliant camera and much faster processor and operating system. Either black or white iPhone 4S, they hit the top of the chart again, beating all other smartphones released previously. The iPhone 4S is certainly the symbol for smartphone excellence, making it a tremendously tempting option for many Apple fans and techies. The best thing about this phone is that it comes with iOS 5 which is the latest version of Apple’s mobile phone operating system. The basic iOS experience is unchanged for iOS 5. The apps are arranged in an array across home screens in neat grids of 16. By just swiping the touchscreen from left to right, the users can browse through them and tap on an app to open it. The users need to double the tap at the home button and the taskbar to pop up all the apps that are running.

The panel of the white iPhone 4S is absolutely attractive and user-friendly as well. It makes dealing with the list of notifications from various apps a lot easier than on previous version of iOS. The users can customise which certain app will appear in the notification pane. This is important in case the user gets a notification from one of their apps like Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is now also provided in the software of the white iPhone 4S. The software also equipped the iPhone 4S with an iMessage app, which users can send messages exclusively for people who also uses devices that are run by iOS 5.

The iCloud is also a popular app used in white iPhone 4. It is a slew of storage options tying almost everything on the iPhone to an Apple account, and generally backs up the iPhone wirelessly. The best thing about iCloud is that if the user got other iOS devices, they can get all photos and data on to them wirelessly. Overall, white iPhone 4S with an iOS 5 has the best app offering compared to any operating system. It also has the best-looking version of iOS yet and people can expect that Apple will continue to polish their operating system and mobile phones. With that, the black and white iPhone 4S still leads the competition despite the rise in popularity of Android and Windows Phone devices.