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There is a war being fought, not on a battlefield with guns and tanks, but from computers with code… but who is training these ‘Cyber Warriors’?

News   •   Jun 07, 2013 16:19 BST

In order to encourage the growth and development an army of cyber security experts able to protect the U.S.A, the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security are continuing to designate a select group of academic institutions as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education. The most recent institution to receive this award is the National University of San Diego.

John Cicero, Dean of the National University’s school of Engineering, Technology and Media said “Nearly every aspect of our lives is susceptible to Cyber Attack and our students are the future Cyber Warriors who will be defending the integrity and security of our national, business and infrastructure data online.”

Students of the NU’s highly intensive master’s program are trained in cyber combat where they duel ‘in a virtual cyber apocalypse designed to replicate real world threats’[i]. This is providing the U.S with a growing number of professionals armed with the expertise needed to defend critical data.  

Ian Whiting, CEO of cyber security software company Titania and member of NU Advisory Council said, ‘We would like to congratulate the NU on their designation. It is the hard work of institutions like the NU, who strive to achieve academic excellence in their cyber security curriculum, which really makes a difference to National Security.’

Read more about the National University's achievements in their press release 

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[i] Taken from National University Press Release, 4th June 2013, http://www.nu.edu/News/National-University-Information-Assurance.html