Nordic Media Festival

Thinking iPad?

News   •   Feb 22, 2011 13:05 GMT

Mario Garcia can help. Listen and learn at the Nordic Media Festival in May.

(Photo: Raj K Raj HT Dehli)

Mario Garcia is the CEO/Founder of Garcia Media, supervising the work of all projects through all platforms: print,online,tablets. Trained as a journalist, Mario is strongly committed to the idea that content is what determines the success of publications and websites; his work and teaching is based on his WED philosophy, of combining writing, editing and design as basic principles for effective communication of ideas.

Mario Garcia is celebrating his 40 years in the business and has personally collaborated with over 550 news organizations worldwide; he is the author of 12 books, the most recent of which is Pure Design, has received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of News Design, and was selected by People Magazine among the 100 most influential Hispanics in the world.