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Third Beta Version Of iOS7 Addresses Issues Reported On Earlier Versions

News   •   Jul 10, 2013 07:59 BST

Now that most of the major smartphone manufacturers have released their new products this year it is turn for perhaps the biggest name of them all to step up to the plate.  We are set to see an army of new products arrive from Apple this Autumn including the new iPhone 5S and the eagerly awaited iOS7 operating system.  Apple have now issued the third Beta version of this software ahead of the services official launch later in the year.

Developers and software programmers at Apple have been working hard to ensure that when the new iOS7 operating system arrives it will have no bugs and performance will be perfect.  Part of this process is releasing Beta versions of the platform to test its reliability and we have now seen version three rolled out.  This new version is said to address problems in a number of areas including iCloud remote storage, iMessage and Airplay.  The update has arrived just two weeks after version two which shows that Apple are keen to have the software ready for a release soon.  Apple Insider have reported that in addition to ironing out the bugs the programmers have also been hard at work producing the new Key Chain feature and delivering improvements to the Find My Phone service.  The software has been tipped for a September 18th launch which means that it is likely that we will also see the iPhone 5S arrive at around the same time. 

A major problem that has been plaguing earlier Beta versions of iOS7 concerns the notifications service.  It has been reported that many users have either been receiving duplicate notification or worse than that no alerts at all.  It is believed that version 3 has addressed this issue along with all of the others that have been reported.  Sources who have spoken to Apple Insider have stated that the software still has a long way to go before it is ready for a general release but it is reassuring to see Apple so hard at work ensuring that when iOS7 is released it will be running as smoothly and as bug free as possible.  The software package is likely to be the first of numerous new Apple products to arrive in the Autumn.  Days after the software is launched we expect to see the iPhone 5S and iPhone Light released and then during October the iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 have been rumoured to be getting a release.  Take a look at Apple 5S O2 packages here

iOS7 is perhaps the most exciting version of iOS to ever be released thanks to the number of improvements and changes it is said to offer.  Expect to see the software arrive a couple of days ahead of the new flagship iPhone 5S smartphone.