Three Axes Roaming Charges for Popular Destinations

News   •   Dec 10, 2013 07:08 GMT

While there's been a limit on charges in the European area it’s another story for all those going to the USA with a few really costly charges frequently happened. Today Three UK has declared that it's putting the US to its removing roaming charges program that'll permit them to make use of their device within the same manner as they do at home, and in doing this perhaps not seeing any additional costs. 

Therefore if you're thinking about visiting the USA you'll have the ability to call home simply by utilising your bundled allowance.

The system is available to Pay As You Go consumers of the carrier, and all pay regular, SIM-ONLY while tethering isn’t allowed. 

How exciting that there are no more roaming charges for you when you travel abroad. See all of the Three network's phones at Mobile Phone Checker.