Three New Accessories for the New Nexus 4

News   •   Apr 08, 2013 14:16 BST

The LG Nexus 4 is already months old since its official launch and has been proven to be of great success although there had been problems regarding its production at that time. Well, the issue about that has long been over and settled. What made the LG Nexus 4 in the centre of discussion now is its newly launched accessories which are now being offered on Google Play.

Ever since the LG Nexus made its way into the smartphone markets, there had only been two available accessories for it on its Google Play Store. The Nexus 4 Bumper Case which is really helpful in protecting the smartphone’s glass and the LG Wireless Charging Orb, which was only made available just this year. The LG Wireless Charging Orb gives users the convenience to charge their smartphone devices even without the wires.

Things change now because Google had finally added three more accessories for its Nexus 4 smartphone. All of these accessories are now available on the Google Play Store.

One of the newly launched accessories for the Google Nexus 4 is a pair of wired headphones which is priced at £15.99/$19.99. The wired headphones feature a built-in microphone, a tangle-free wire and an aluminium backing. The second accessory for the Nexus 4 is a power adapter that may be used together with a microUSB cable when charging the phone. The price for this accessory is £12.99/$15.99. The third accessory for the Nexus 4 is a microUSB cable which is also sold at Google Play Store and priced at £9.99/$9.99.

Given the price these accessories have, people will probably think twice to buy one especially if they see no necessity for such accessory. However, there will be third party accessories that will be sold at a cheaper price as compared to those from the Google Play, only that it doesn’t have the same quality as with the others. 

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