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Thule Adventure Team won silver in the prestigious Wulong Mountain Quest

News   •   Oct 15, 2012 13:48 BST

After four days and 230 km through the wilderness in Wulong, southern China, the Thule Adventure Team finished in second place. It was a tough competition where all the best teams in the world met once again, only three weeks after the World Championship in France.

“We are very happy”, says Martin Flinta, team captain of the Thule Adventure Team, “We held fourth place for a long time but managed to get into second place by the end. The team was performing great and I’m proud that everyone did so well just three weeks after the world championship. It’s fun competing against the best teams in the world and it feels very good to beat Team Seagate who won the world championship not even a month ago.”

Wulong Mountain Quest is an extremely prestigious competition and it is only the very best multisport teams who participate. The prize money is double that of the world championship and the competition was fierce. The competition consists of trail running, kayaking, orienteering, mountain biking, rafting, and rope work. At this race the multisport legend Petri Forsman from Finland joined the Thule Adventure Team instead of Per Vestling, who is still recovering after the world championship.