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Tingo-A Fun And Educational Title For The iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 20, 2012 07:07 BST

A wide selection of games ranging from arcade action to platform titles are available for the iPhone 4S. Recently we have seen many games fans ditching the traditional action titles in favour of games that test your knowledge and enable you to compete against friends and other players. We take a look at the latest excellent quiz title to appear on this handset, Tingo.

Tingo is the latest in a long line of great quiz themed games that have appeared on the iPhone 4S. The game is developed by a man named Adam Jacot De Boinod who is well positioned to produce such a title as he was actually a researcher for the hit BBC quiz show QI. The game certainly feels more polished than many recent titles and with a collection of over two thousand words available you are unlikely to encounter the same word on more than one occasion. The aim of the game is to correctly identify the meaning of a word that you are presented with. Three possible answers are displayed on screen and the user has to simply identify the correct one. You can choose to play against a friend or a random opponent and the excellent Games Centre is used to find another player for you. By linking with the Games Centre you are also enabled to post your scores online and check if you have made it onto the leader board. Social Networking options are also present so high scores can easily be posted to sites like Facebook and Twitter. The great aspect of Tingo is that it is both educational and fun. It is hard not to learn new words when playing the game and a great Favourites section even enables you to store a collection of words together with their meanings.

The rise in popularity of quiz based titles has been massive over the last 18 months. These type of games are ideal for device like the iPhone 4S. Their undemanding graphics are perfect for mobile devices while the nature of the game play means that they can be quickly played and games can be paused and resumed at any time. The game which really started this trend was the superb Words With Friends. Based on the old favourite board game Scrabble, this app pits players against one another with a collection of eight letters which they must use to create a word. Different letters attract different scores and special tiles on the board can really help to boost the scores of individual letters or complete words. Following on from the success of this game we saw multiple games launched, some impressive and some less so. Some of the more stand out games from this group are the excellent music quiz Song Pop and the more single player focused Logo Quiz.

Despite the iPhone 4S boasting the power to handle frantic arcade action, we feel that quiz games are perfect for this device. This style of game has soared in popularity lately and Tingo is the latest in a long list of excellent titles to be launched for this phone.

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