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Today's Biggest Information Security Issues

News   •   Feb 18, 2013 16:27 GMT

Ian Whiting, Titania CEO and creator of network security auditing software Nipper Studio, recently completed an exclusive interview with Help Net Security, one of the leading sites for information security opinions, news and reviews.

Ian has been working with leading global organizations and government agencies to help improve computer security for more than a decade. He has been accredited by CESG for his security and team leading expertise for over 5 years. 

In his interview Mr Whiting addressed some key industry issues, such as what he sees as today’s biggest information security threats. He said that, ‘the largest problem is one of our own making.’ Mr Whiting explains that one of the biggest security threats that we face is that companies often choose
to approach information security with the ambition of achieving only the ‘minimum security standards’ set out by one of the many compliance standards. The problem with this, Mr Whiting revealed, is although ‘compliance standards are important and do raise the base security level for those organizations that would otherwise not have a security policy in place’, it is not the complete solution and does not guarantee security. Mr Whiting told Help Net Security, ‘to be compliant with a static set of security policy settings may be good enough for the risk managers, but it is simply not good enough to be secure.’ 

Mr Whiting was also asked about what he believed to be the most challenging aspects of managing information-related risks. Mr Whiting highlighted ‘the lack of experienced and qualified staff’ to manage complex security systems as a significant issue, but spoke also of how this is being tackled in the UK, ‘with funding from central government in order to help create the next generation of security specialists.’ Titania have been involved with several projects which have focused on strengthening the ties between government and industry experts in order to identify security weakness areas, so that together industry and government can combat them.  

The full length interview also discusses Titania’s flagship products, the network security auditing tool Nipper Studio and the compliance auditing tool Paws Studio, as well as the array of free tools which the Titania lab has to offer.  

Ian Whiting founded Titania with the aim of using his cyber security expertise to produce security auditing software products that can be used by non-security specialists and provide the detailed analysis that traditionally only an experienced penetration tester could achieve.  

To view the full interview visit the Help Net Security website and for more information about Titania and their products visit www.titania.com or contact us on enquiries@titania.com