TOGAF™ 9 Certification Level 1 and 2, Selvyn Wright, 29 October - 1 November 2013, London

News   •   Aug 26, 2013 13:23 BST

TOGAF 9 provides an Architecture Development Method, Content  Framework and Capability Framework that can be used as the basis for creating  an organisation’s enterprise architecture. It has been built up over several  years through open participation and collaboration between leading industry  practitioners. In addition, TOGAF 9 provides a variety of tools, building  blocks and resources that facilitate the process and enable the design and  development of enterprise architecture across four domains; Business, Data,  Applications and Technology.

TOGAF is an industry standard EA framework that is available free of cost to any organisation wishing to develop an enterprise architecture for use within that organisation. More than 60 percent of the Fortune 50 and 80  percent of the Global Forbes 50 use TOGAF to reduce time, costs and risks            associated with developing an EA and improve overall business agility. TOGAF  certification programs exist for individuals, trainers, professional services,  and tool support.

These programs enable organisations to standardise on an  open method for IT architecture and avoid lock-in to the proprietary methods of  major vendors.

Upon completion of this course, delegates will understand the TOGAF 9 framework and
how to practically apply it in support of the design and implementation of enterprise architecture.  They will also learn how to apply TOGAF to create well-designed enterprise architectures through the use of practical scenarios and case study working.  The course prepares delegates for the Open Group’s Level 1 and Level 2 TOGAF 9 certification examinations.

Selvyn Wright Is a professional trainer with over 17 years of experience   teaching technology and analysis, design and architecture methodology.  He has   taught TOGAF for over 5 years.  During this time he has taught over 450 students   with a certification pass of approximately 99%.  His clients include Barclays   Capital, Atos, Network Rail, Logica, Ericson, BAE and MBDA.  Previous to this,   Selvyn was a Graduate Training Programme Lecturer at Morgan Stanley Investment   Management and a Technical CORBA Architect at NATS.