Tom Daley App on Your iPhone 4S

News   •   Aug 02, 2012 13:00 BST

We’re all routing for Team GB but none more so than the Olympic diver Tom Daley, who recently lost his father due to a brain tumour. The young 18-year old is in his second Olympics and is certainly in a with a shot at the gold, if he can outsmart those regimental Chinese divers. However, as Tom Daley is such a household name right now, it seems right that there is a new game made for the iPhone 4S that is endorsed by Adidas and lets you control Tom’s dives.

Going through a series of diving disciplines, you can take charge of the aptly named Tom Daley Dive 2012, and challenge yourself to get the rotations right and the all-important ‘lack of splash’ on entry. Obviously, your first few will be nasty belly-flops and hilarious fails but it’s an addictive sport for any OCD-laden diving fan. In fact, getting the turns, pikes and somersaults just right is so fulfilling, only Tom knows what it’s actually like diving off the 10m board but if you can perform an arm stand to triple pike into a zero-splash entry then you’ll be jumping up out of your seat.

Of course, as with most apps or games you only get a few practices to try it out and then you’re encouraged to buy the full game, but if three dives is enough for you then the free version is plenty. However, there is a 22 dive game with multiple categories that will have your balance, skill and agility in question not to mention if your iPhone 4S can withstand being thrown at the wall if you just miss out on the medals. Of course, you can try and be a little more Tom Daley-like and be cool, calm and collected under pressure and no doubt you will have the success he has and will continue to.

As the iPhone 4S is an impressive device that is extra special in the graphics department and super-fast and clear, you can really take charge of the game and make the most of the processor. The 330 ppi of the screen lets you see each splash and droplet of water in minute detail that will have you scoring yourself before the judges do. If you ever wondered how good Retina Display really is, then a watery game such as Tom Daley Dive 2012 is the one to figure that out with.

Once you’ve registered some top scores you can share them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook to enter competitions as the best Tom Daley next to the real deal. So, if you haven’t got an iPhone 4S or this is encouragement enough to go and buy one, check out the latest iPhone 4S deals on Mobile Phone Checker and grab a bargain on one before the new iPhone 5 comes out next month.

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