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Top 5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

News   •   Jul 19, 2012 12:24 BST

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the blockbuster handsets of 2012. If you’ve made the Galaxy S3 your weapon of choice, you’ll no doubt want to add a layer of protection. The guide below runs through some of the best Samsung Galaxy S3 cases available, which are available from Clove Technology along with other Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories

Case-Mate Barely There Case (Black) – Samsung Galaxy S3

The Case Mate ‘Barely There’ Case is designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 without concealing the device too much. It is very thin in its design and offers protection around the back and sides of the device. This case does not add much bulk to the phone and is made of a very light and flexible plastic, giving the user the ‘Barely There’ experience promised in the name.

Cool Vent Case (Blue) – Samsung Galaxy S3

The Vent Case is finished to the exact specifications and dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Its ‘shock blue’ colour gives it a very intense and stylish look. The vent styled meshing keeps the phone well ventilated and gives it a reasonable level of protection. This official Samsung accessory covers the back and corners of the device, while not concealing the front and sides too much.

Case-Mate Creatures – Mike Droid – Samsung Galaxy S3

The Case-Mate Creatures range features some of the quirkiest designs around and will certainly make your Samsung Galaxy S3 stand out from the crowd.

The ‘Mike Droid’ design of this case features the iconic Android man, who is pictured on the reverse of the case. This snug-fitting case is made from silicone giving your Samsung Galaxy S3 a grippy texture. Included are cut outs for the various ports and the ‘lay-flat’ technology ensures that your device screen is protected when the handset is placed face down.

OtterBox Commuter Case – Samsung Galaxy S3

A robust and durable three part solution for protecting your Samsung Galaxy S3. The OtterBox Commuter case includes a screen protector, polycarbonate shell and silicone wrap. This case will give you peace of mind when protecting your smartphone without having to compromise on the size and style. The solid Otterbox SGS3 Commuter Case will offer you complete shielding whilst keeping the form factor of your Galaxy S3 and allowing it to still slip neatly into your pocket.

Ceramic White Flip Cover – Samsung Galaxy S3

The Ceramic Flip Cover is a stylish and chic looking official Samsung accessory.  Made of a hard finished plastic, it feels smooth in the hand and gives an executive feel. This case flips open like a book, and gives good protection whilst still fitting nicely in a trouser or jacket pocket.