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Top Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals Reviewed

News   •   Jul 09, 2012 11:59 BST

Many months before it was even released, the Samsung Galaxy S3 caused a lot of excitement among technology and gadget enthusiasts.  Boasting one of the best smartphone spec lists out there, the handset has already sold millions of units despite having only been available for a couple of months.  Because the phone is already proving so popular, many network operators are looking to cash in, and are offering increasingly competitive deals to entice buyers to choose them and take up a new contract.  In this article, I will take a closer look at a couple of top Samsung Galaxy S3 deals from some of the most popular UK networks.


Just about every UK network now offers various Samsung Galaxy S3 deals which include a free handset.  This simply requires users to sign up for a contract which usually lasts either 18 or 24 months, and has a set monthly payment in addition to any charges which may be incurred for exceeding monthly allowances.  By offering a free handset, users instantly save around £500 which is the price of purchasing the handset outright.


As one as the most popular UK mobile operator's, O2 has a number of appealing Samsung Galaxy S3 deals.  An example of one of their popular packages costs £36 per month, for a contract which lasts 24 months.  Included in this deal is a free Samsung Galaxy S3 handset, along with unlimited calls to UK networks at anytime, and an unlimited amount of text messages.  In addition to this, users will also receive a monthly data allowance of 1 GB, which is a generous amount, and to exceed this, users would have to browse the web for download much more data than average use.


For those who frequently use their smartphone to browse the internet, or use apps which require a data connection such as social networking apps like Facebook or location based services, Three may be the ideal network operator.  Three is one of very few operators to include tariffs which include unlimited monthly data allowance.  An example of a package which includes this costs £34 per month, and lasts for 24 months like the aforementioned O2 deal.  In addition to unlimited data, 2000 anytime, any network minutes worth of free calls are included plus a generous 5000 text messages which works out at around 170 per day.


If you want to get your hands on this sought after smartphone, now is the perfect time.  With such affordable deals with generous monthly allowances and free handset included, this most impressive of smartphones is now within reach of the masses.

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