Top Smartphones by Samsung in the Recent Years

News   •   Oct 30, 2012 13:00 GMT

Samsung is a recognized as a Korean company, which produced electronic equipment like television sets, etc. It was a company that offered products at cheaper rates than its competitors like Panasonic, LG and Sony etc.

Now, Samsung has also earned a big name in the smartphone industry and is giving tough competition to Blackberry and Apple. Samsung is a company producing about 60 phones per year and increasing the quality and providing it users some of the most innovative features at cheap prices.

One of the best smartphones of the recent era is introduced by Samsung among which Samsung Galaxy S3 is the most popular and liked by the users. It is the phone that uses the best operating system in the market that is Android. The phone had increased the same level of excitement in the world as any Apple device generates.

The phone offers a large battery of about 2,100mAh and 4.8 inch size of the screen. The phone incorporates features like Smart Stay which uses the front facing camera of 7.2p detect your eyes, as long as you are looking the screen, the phone won’t go to sleep. The camera offers you a good quality along with many applications that can be used because the phone runs on Android.

Samsung Galaxy S2 is another great product by Samsung with an 8 megapixel camera giving excellent quality pictures and videos to the user. The phone also has an internet facility available and multimedia player for the users to listen music and watch movies on their smartphone. The operating system is Android, which enables the user to download as many applications he wants on his phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an excellent smartphone, which is hard to differentiate whether to call it a big phone or a small tablet. It consists of a 5inch screen which is comfortable for the users for web browsing and to watch films, play games.

Samsung Epic 4G is the newest smartphone of the Samsung galaxy S series. It is launched with the latest applications and technology of todays. This phone has a gorgeous look with smooth body. The smartphone has an amazing touch screen of about 4 inch screen display. It uses a high technology screen with great picture quality. It has a well-known operating system Android 2.1 and can also be upgraded by the user themselves to Android 2.2. The phone has a 5.5 megapixel camera with high quality pictures and videos that can easily be uploaded through phone on internet.

These are some of the best smart phones that are available in the market and are introduced by Samsung. These smart phones includes high technology and are serious competent for other smart phones companies. Should you wish to check out the latest mobile phone deals or see what the best phone contracts are in the UK today, see Mobile Phone Checker for a detailed look at the handsets and contracts. There are fantastic deals that offer free gifts, lower prices and best of all you can compare the prices between the retailers and the networks to save money.