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Touchscreen And Processor Technology Compared - Samsung Galaxy Note & HTC One X

News   •   Aug 06, 2012 12:04 BST

The HTC One X was unveiled earlier this year at the MWC 2012 event in Barcelona, and during its short time on the market has become a very popular choice.  It boasts an impressive spec list, with features like its screen and processor standing out.  In this article, I will compare these features with those of the Samsung Galaxy Note to see how they measure up against one another.



The HTC One X has a super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen which measures up at 4.7 inches.  This is one of the most advanced touch screens to date from HTC, and produces excellent display quality thanks to its high definition resolution of 720x 1280.  The size of the screen makes it ideally suited to enjoy movies and games, and other tasks, without making the handset too big to fit into a pocket or handbag.  The Samsung Galaxy Note on the other hand has a much larger screen at 5.3 inches.  In fact, this is the largest smartphone screen on the market, and many people even class the device as a cross between a smartphone and a tablet.  Of course, having such a large screen makes this the ideal handset for multimedia use, however it is also equally well suited to reading eBooks, browsing the web or editing spreadsheets etc.  The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus pen called an S-Pen, which fits neatly into a hole on top of the handset when not in use.



The HTC One X is the first handset from HTC, and one of the first from the manufacturer to include a quad-core processor.  At 1.5 GHz, this means the handset shares its title as the most powerful smartphone the market with a couple of other handsets from the likes of Samsung and LG.  Of course, having such a powerful processor produces excellent performance across many parts of the handset's spec list.  Although the Samsung Galaxy Note has a less powerful processor, at 1.4 GHz dual-core chip still provides excellent performance, producing a great user experience.  Unless you are an expert on this technology, it is unlikely that you will be disappointed with the performance of this processor.


While both of these handsets are very impressive, the HTC One X comes out ahead on paper, however these are two very different smartphones.  I would recommend the HTC One X to anybody who wants the most advanced smartphone technology available, however if you are looking for a smartphone with a larger than average touchscreen, the Samsung Galaxy Note would be my top recommendation.

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