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Touchscreens Compared - Samsung Galaxy Note And HTC One X

News   •   Jul 29, 2012 22:34 BST

The HTC One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note are two of the most impressive smartphone currently available, and thanks to each handset boasting an impressive spec list featuring some of their latest and greatest smartphone features.  In this article, I will compare the touchscreen feature of each of these phones so you can decide which one best suits your needs.



The HTC One X has a 4.7 inch screen, which compared to the majority of competing smartphones is rather sizable.  This ensures that many tasks are easy to carry out, and multimedia usage a real strength of the handset.  At the same time, the screen is not too big that it becomes unmanageable in terms of fitting into a pocket or handbag, and it remains easy to use with either one or two hands.  The screen utilises super IPS LCD2 capacitive touchscreen technology, making this the first HTC smartphone to sport this type of screen.  This has many benefits ranging from wide viewing angles and great brightness and colour rendering.  The screen has a resolution of 720x 1280, so high definition content like movies look great on the device as do games and other multimedia products and the user interface and general apps.


Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note features the biggest smartphone screen currently on the market, and at a whopping 5.3 inches many people even consider this handset to be a cross between a tablet and smartphone.  Of course, having such a large screen offers benefits to many users.  Watching movies and playing games is of course easier on the screen thanks to its size and display quality, while tasks like editing spreadsheets are of course also much easier on a larger screen.  Coupled with its S-Pen (a specially designed stylus pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note which is stored in a hole at the top of the device when not in use), the functionality of this device is unrivalled by most other smartphones. The Galaxy Note also has excellent display quality, and although it has a large screen, a resolution of 800x 1280 ensures a high pixel density.


Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note and the HTC One X are two very different phones, but they are both very impressive and offer a number of benefits to an array of different types of user. If you are choosing between the two based on their screens, then it will likely come down to the size (Galaxy Note) or display quality (One X).

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