Troubling Times for Nokia Means Cheap Lumias?

News   •   Jul 27, 2012 13:00 BST

After recent news of the Finnish smartphone firm’s demise, reports of 10,000 research and development lay-offs in China and giving up on the firm’s operating system things look bleak for Nokia. However, as sales are low that usually means that the company will go to some lengths to claw back some money and the only way of doing that right now, in the current Samsung and Apple climate, is to slice those prices.

At, you can track what the costs of PAYG SIM cards and handsets are, as well as mobile phone contract comparison. This means that you will be able to get hold of the Nokia Lumia 900 deals or the Nokia Lumia 800 deals for much less than you’d think. It’s a sad time for the once-mobile-phone giants but with the current recession causing us to scrimp and save, downsize and look for cheaper alternatives, the Lumia range could well fit the bill.

The support is still going to be there and the Nokia phones are well-built and will outlast even the most clumsy of owners, but as the firm simply cannot command inflated prices with such uncertainty over its future the prices of the Lumia range will simply have to drop. Quarter 2 saw the financials of Nokia drop by 20% to £647 million, which sounds great but when you consider Samsung are stirring up billions a year it’s not so good.

With 10,000 poor souls having to look elsewhere for a job the reputation of Nokia will be in question too. Beijing’s Nokia factory is the worst hit for job losses and it’s mainly the R&D department. Reading between the lines this means that we will doubtfully see anything newer than the Nokia Lumia 900. If Nokia does manage to get through the next few years without failing completely it could mean that it borrows operating systems, licenses handsets and rebrands them as their own, and scrapes by on a wing and a prayer.

Two sales offices have also been shut down, in China again, and this is mainly due to the regular mobile phones being ousted compared to smartphones in China. However, your thoughts may wander to the iPhone and if it was responsible for the demise of the Finnish company’s sales, but even Apple has struggled to gain ground in China. Samsung is the market leader in China – and the world – and even Apple’s iPhone 4S cannot sway the Red Army to buy it.

At the moment, the future is bleak for Nokia especially when you consider that Chinese sales were 70% down on previous years. This is simply unsustainable and the firm is right to pull out of there completely to focus on other markets. It would be a shame if Nokia failed to bounce back especially as the Nokia Lumia range are so smart.

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