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Tweet claims HTC One 2 will look a lot like the HTC One

News   •   Feb 04, 2014 13:52 GMT

Are you an HTC fan? Does the unveiling of the HTC One 2 excite you? Are you looking for a different design? If so, you might be disappointed. According to a tweet the One 2 will look a lot like the One.

This is according to notorious mobile device leaker, Twitter account @evleaks. It said on Twitter, “So, yeah, the M8 looks strikingly like the M7. It's too bad they already named another phone One S.”

If this tweet is accurate, this is bad news for fans who were expecting HTC to come up with a revamped design. However, retaining the design of the HTC One may not be a bad thing, since it has been awarded as the best designed smartphone for last year.

Were you expecting the HTC One 2 to sport a different design, or do you prefer it to look like its predecessor? Drop a comment below.