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Two Key Areas Where The iPhone 5 Will Eclipse The Galaxy S3

News   •   Jul 15, 2012 19:59 BST

Although we have not had the opportunity to see the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and he forthcoming iPhone 5 head to head because of the delayed release of the Apple model, we do have an idea about how the phones will match up against one another. The S3 is a largely impressive phone but in one or two areas there is an opportunity for the new iPhone to outclass its rival handset.

We saw the launch of the iPhone 4S in October 2011 and this model boasted a number of features that captured the imagination of the public. One area was with the excellent Siri voice recognition software that debuted on the phone. Taking note of this Samsung developed there own rival software named Smart Voice which was unveiled on the new Galaxy S3. Despite the impressive functionality offered by smart voice many feel that the feature does not live up to Siri. There is no question that the new Samsung software accurately performs tasks but it lacks the charm and personality of Siri which really does feel more like a personal assistant. The iPhone 5 is set to deal another blow to the Galaxy S3 by boasting a new super charged version of Siri. All of the original functionality will be present as well as some new features that will further enhance the appeal of this software. For the first time it will be able to launch applications and it will also have extensive sports and movies knowledge so that it can accurately answer all manner of questions. Smart Voice is a very good introduction but it fails to match what the superb Siri service has to offer.

One area where the Samsung Galaxt S3 has drawn a fair amount of criticism is with its design. The phone is an attractive device but it neither feels or looks like the flagship model that it is supposed to be. The extensive use of plastics on the phones body cheapens the feel of the handset while the new curved design makes it look similar to a number of other phones that are available. One thing that we can be sure of with the iPhone 5 is that it will boast a stylish and eye catching design as this is an area where Apple have always excelled. Many reports suggest that the new iPhone will feature a new metallic body and some leaked shots of the phone do look very impressive. Other rumours suggest that a new curved Retina Display will be featured. Regardless of the final outcome the new iPhone is sure to boast mouth watering looks coupled with premium materials.

We do not have long to wait until the new iPhone 5 is unveiled. We will have to wait to see if it or the S3 is the better overall model but we are sure the Applle phone will hold the upper hand in the areas that we have discussed.

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