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Two New Nokia Phones Set For Release Including a 1080P Lumia And The New Pureview EOS

News   •   Jul 08, 2013 00:10 BST

It seems as though Samsung are not the only smartphone manufacturer set to release a succession of new models over the summer.  Just a few weeks ago Nokia released their flagship Nokia Lumia 925 handset and two events are scheduled for the summer where it is expected that two new devices will be revealed, one being the much rumoured new 1080P Windows phone.  

There have been a number of rumours circulating about the arrival of a new Lumia handset boasting both a quad core processor and a 1080P display.  The Finnish manufacturer's official Facebook page recently posted an event which is where this exciting new model is expected to be launched.  Nokia do not give a great deal away about the event on the post but we do know that it will be held on September 19th.  An image of a smartphone is featured and some users of the site have noticed some interesting information on the interface of the model.  The Weather application tile displays the location of Stockholm which suggests this may be the venue while more information is also posted on the Calendar application.  This shows a time of 12 o'clock alongside the words "Being Awesome".  

Prior to this mysterious event taking place Nokia have another planned in New York City in just a few days time on July 11th.  This is believed to be where we will see the much rumoured new Pureview EOS make an appearance, a handset said to be armed with a spectacular Pureview 41 megapixel camera.  When the event was first announced many insiders believed it was for the new quad core Windows phone but the new EOS is said to boast similar specification to the Nokia Lumia 925 so this rules that model out.  A pretty big hint is dropped in the invitation that it is indeed the Pureview model that will be unveiled as it says "41 million reasons to be excited", a direct reference to the 41 megapixel camera set to feature on the phone.  Check out our website for the best offers

Nokia really seem to be stepping up their game over the past few weeks having already introduced the impressive Nokia Lumia 925 and seemingly following it up with the new Pureview EOS and a 1080P, quad core new Lumia model.