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UK Sales Of The iPhone 5 Beat The Galaxy S4 In May

News   •   Jun 07, 2013 20:30 BST

The latest flagship smartphone model from Samsung, the Galaxy S4 has been hitting the headlines in the mobile phone business after breaking records set by its popular Galaxy S3 predecessor. After less than a month on the market, the Galaxy S4 has already clocked up over 10 million sales, and is fully expected to remain the most popular smartphone of 2013.

The device is expected to continue selling huge volumes throughout the rest of the year, but Phones Review has recently reported that it has so far failed to knock the iPhone 5 off the top spot in the UK. The website reports on sales data from the mobile tracker tool over at uSwitch, which compiles a top 10 list of the best selling smartphones in the UK based on sales data from UK networks and retailers. It appears that after the first full month of availability of the Galaxy S4 in the UK, the Apple iPhone 5 still remains the biggest selling handset in the UK. Head to our website for more iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 comparisons:

Obviously, it is likely that this will change later in the year, as the data is compiled on a month by month basis. Prior to its launch, it was fully expected that the Galaxy S4 would quickly overtake sales of the iPhone 5, but it appears that this is yet to be the case. The iPhone 5 is currently in number one position, with other Apple handsets featuring on the list including the 16 GB iPhone 4S and 8 GB iPhone 4 in second and fourth places respectively. The Galaxy S4 is currently in third place, and is joined by other Samsung handsets in the top ten which include the Galaxy S3 in fifth place, Galaxy Ace in eighth place, Galaxy S2 in ninth place and Galaxy S3 Mini at the bottom of the list in the tenth position. Cheap prices on the iPhone 5.

We will be sure to report back at the end of June to see whether sales of the Galaxy S4 have managed to overtake sales achieved by the flagship model from Samsung's California based arch rival.