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Unhappy HTC One S Users File Petition Complaining About The Lack Of Android 4.2 On The Model

News   •   Jul 06, 2013 07:47 BST

HTC may be best known for their premium smartphones such as the new HTC One but the company also offer an extensive range of attractive mid priced models that are a hit with consumers.  One such model is the HTC One S but consumers who have purchased this handset have filed a petition complaining about the lack of a new Android and Sense UI update for the phone.

A new petition has been filed on line at complaining about the lack of new software for the popular HTC One S smartphone. The exact problem is that HTC have stated that they will not be releasing Android 4.2 or Sense 5 updates for this phone.  Thousands of users of this device are angry at this decision by HTC and understandably so.  The model can hardly be classified as out of date and is still part of the Taiwanese manufacturers range and is stocked by many leading retailers.  It is also a fairly expensive handset commanding a similar price to some of the best mid range devices available.  The petition has been created by One S user Dylan Richards and he considers that an statement from HTC on February 28th 2013 stating that updates for the model would be coming soon is legally binding and he wants them to honour their word.  

This latest HTC software issue highlights the vast difference between them and South Korean manufacturer Samsung who are renowned for rolling out the very latest updates for their models in quick time.  The new petition that has been filed contains a mission statement explaining the nature of the problem.  It highlights that the quality of HTC's products is not in question but it does criticise their customer service.  A segment of this statement reads "The HTC One S is still one of the best phones on the market, on par with the dual-core and quad-core Samsung Galaxy S III phones and HTC's own One X. With that being said, the HTC customer service and upgrade service are absolutely dreadful".  Later on the differences between HTC and Samsung are also highlighted as is the fact that several Youtube videos currently show the HTC One S running on Android 4.2 with no performance issues or bugs reported.  Get the  Lowest priced new HTC One S offers here.

The HTC One S remains one of the most popular mid range devices on the market and users of the phone will be hoping that this new petition forces HTC into issuing the very latest software updates for the model.