Upcoming changes to the new iPhone draw mixed reactions

News   •   Jul 20, 2013 07:00 BST

For some iPhone users, whether they’ll get to see the release of iPhone 5s or 6 is not really the concern— it’s in the materials used. Aside from that, Apple fans are also more concerned about the updates from the earlier units.

While there have been talks that the some parts of the new iPhone could be made of plastic, people’s reactions about the new iPhone are getting more and more interesting. Remember, in about two months the release date for the new iPhone will be released.

What do iPhone users want? It seems press people and Apple fans have differing opinions. Just like what happened with some Android gadgets, it seems that getting some parts in plastic could make for a cheaper iPhone. With Apple’s creativity, they can surely whip out a plastic phone that certainly won’t look and feel cheap. If it is budget they’re after, they can also bring the prices down a notch by cutting back on spec upgrades. For experts, having a plastic iPhone could be worrisome. However, users on social media have voiced out that it could be alright for a change.

Some users are counting on Apple to use plastic smartly. Some commented that if the cover is just the plastic part and the body is still metal, it’s perfectly fine. Other supporters have also said that as long as the design bids true to the Apple principle of style and function, they will still root for the new iPhone.

The other good thing that could come out from a plastic iPhone would be a scratch-free screen. With the current iPhone, it seems that users are concerned about it’s being fragile. Wouldn’t a sturdier and scratch-safe iPhone be more interesting? With all these concerns on the table, how do you envision the upcoming iPhone 5S