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Valentines Day Gifts for your Beloved

News   •   Feb 10, 2014 13:00 GMT

For those last minute Valentine shoppers, Panasonic has pulled together some perfect pressies with your loved one in mind. The only trouble you’ll have is choosing which one to go for..!

A Cappuccino for Cupid

Freshly brewed coffee, from the comfort on your own home, made just as you like it – now that’s got to earn you some brownie points this Valentines Day!  A spanking new espresso machine will just do that – adjusting everything from coffee strength to temperature, from grinding degree to the water pressure – to achieve the perfect cuppa just the way your loved one likes it  Giving you as many options as a coffee shop; espresso, cappuccino, coffee, or latte macchiato, or even simply hot milk or water for hot chocolate or tea, Panasonic’s NC-ZA1 gives you fully automatic coffee at the tip of your fingers.  Simply touch a button and head back to bed to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with the one you love. The perfect start to Valentines day!  When purchasing an NC-ZA1 in February[1], you can even claim 2 limited edition coffee cups, ensuring you have everything you need for the perfect cuppa on Valentines Day.

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Clean and Sharp

For women who love a clean shaven man (and who doesn’t!), look no further than Panasonic’s ES-SL41 shaver. With premium features, outstanding performance and a stylish Italian design, the SL41 has all angles covered. This wet/dry shaver can either be used as a wet shave at home, or a quick, dry shave while on-the-go - either way providing the same smooth, clean shave that’s simply kissable! To tempt you even further, this shaver is currently half price[2], making it even more appealing this Valentines.

Happy snappy

What better present for your beloved than a swanky new camera that will make it effortlessly easy to capture those magical moments together that matter. Romantic walks, candlelit dinners maybe even a weekend away, Panasonic’s DMC-SZ8 camera will seize every moment.  You can even apply a personal touch to your photos through the SZ8’s wide range of creative functions. For an air of true romance why not try Sepia effect which creates a warm and nostalgic feel of an aged black and white print - romance at its best! With a 12x optical zoom lens you can be sure this camera will zoom in on all the action and thanks to and Wi-Fi® connectivity you can easily share your images and videos instantly. 

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Filming fun

For a real talking point this Valentines, purchase a Panasonic HC-W850 camcorder and revolutionalise your creative filming opportunities. Thanks to a Twin Camera™ function this camcorder can capture two scenes at once, doubling the fun! So you can catch a shot of someone at the side, a self portrait, or both a tele and wide-angle shot from the front. For the real romantics, the W850 offers a unique opportunity for a ‘proposal selfie’, capturing both yours and your fiance(e)’s reactions to this momentous occasion.

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For the music lover

For the music lover this Valentines, Panasonic’s SC-NA10 portable wireless speaker system is a must have purchase.  Small, sleek and ready to go anywhere, the NA10 will be used time and time again, on romantic holidays, picnics and barbeques to name but a few. With its Bluetooth wireless connectivity and one touch connection (NFC), the NA10 is perfect for listening to your favourite music while enjoying a romantic dinner at home. Rest assured, with a 20 hour battery life, you can keep the music going all night!

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Snuggle time

Forget fancy dinners and expensive evenings out, let’s face it, Valentines Day is all about spending time with the one you love.  What better way to do that than in the comfort of your own home, cosied up watching a film on TV on Valentines Day. Stock up on the chocolates and popcorn and sit back and enjoy a picture perfect film on Panasonic’s award winning ET60 series of Smart VIERA LED TVs. With the superior image quality Panasonic is renowned for, you can enjoy every detail of your film, and features such as built-in Wi-Fi and 3D playback ensure all possibilities are catered for. The ET60 also features Swipe & Share, allowing you to effortlessly share photos taken on your smartphone or tablet device and view them on your TV. Perhaps you could have your very own pre-film trailer enjoying all of your recent holiday photos on the TV.  Staying in really is the new going out!

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[1] Buy now at Panasonic Store or House of Fraser

[2] Buy it now at Boots, Panasonic Store, Argos and Tesco