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Video compares iPhone 5C casing to iPhone 5

News   •   Aug 15, 2013 17:24 BST

A new video has leaked the iPhone 5C, Apple’s rumoured pocket-friendly handset, and compares it to Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 5. The video gives us an idea on what the device will look like upon launch.

Here’s the video.

The video shows only the rear yellow plastic casing of the iPhone 5C and compares it to the iPhone 5. The video gives us a glimpse of what the device may look like. It shows that the device is around the same size as the iPhone 5. However, since the screen is missing, there’s no way of telling how the device will function.

Previous reports claim that the handset will bear similar dimensions as the iPhone 5S, the next flagship of Apple. However, it will sport lower specs and will be available in fruity colours such as yellow (shown in the video), red, blue, and green. The lower specs and plastic casing will allow the iPhone 5C to be cheaper compared to the iPhone 5S.

So when do we get to see the iPhone 5C? According to reports, the iPhone 5S alongside the budget iPhone will take center stage on the 10th of September.

Can’t wait to get your hands your hands on the Apple iPhone 5C, or are you more interested in the Apple iPhone 5S? Share a comment below.

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