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Vision Express response to Watchdog investigation

News   •   Nov 09, 2016 18:17 GMT

A Watchdog report broadcast on 9 November 2016 alleges that Vision Express teams at five stores misled customers about the effects of the blue light emitted from digital devices upon the eye and the benefits of certain lenses that filter out that blue light.

Jonathan Lawson, CEO of Vision Express, agreed to be interviewed on the show to explain why Vision Express recommends blue light lenses, and crucially to make clear that evidence does exist to demonstrate the impact of blue light on vision.

He says: “These concerns really matter to us. We wholeheartedly stand by the advice we offer around blue light lenses as an optional upgrade to standard lenses, where a consultation with one of our expert optometrists identifies a customer has prolonged exposure to electronic screens such as tablets, computers and mobile phones.

“There is no question that working in front of electronic screens causes fatigue. The UK implemented the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (updated in 2002), which was entered into specifically in order to minimise the fatigue suffered by people working with electronic display screen equipment. Furthermore, our blue filter lenses have undergone extensive user-trial tests, and the response to the filtered elements have conclusively supported Vision Express’ claims regarding a reduction in eye strain.”

He added: “Importantly, we’ve never claimed that blue light damages the eye, nor did any of our store teams during the undercover investigation. Our key concern as a trusted optician is that people should have regular eye exams, from which we provide recommendations on product and solutions that are best suited to every customer’s individual needs.”

Vision Express provides just under two million eye tests to customers each year across its 389 stores and approximately 4% of customers choose to purchase blue light lenses, which are a £20 upgrade to our standard anti-reflection lenses - and which offer the following additional features:

  • increase the perception of contrast – more comfortable to look through
  • a filter which reduces eye strain and eye fatigue
  • increased scratch-resistance – longer lifespan of lenses
  • anti-static qualities – reduces grease / smudges /dirt

Vision Express offers a total satisfaction guarantee and any customers who may have concerns about the advice they received before purchasing a blue filter lens is invited to contact the Customer Care team on 08000 382 177, via the website or via Twitter and Facebook.