Vodafone Ready For the Olympics’ Huge Demand on its Network

News   •   Jul 24, 2012 13:00 BST

Vodafone and the other UK mobile phone networks have announced that its ready for the Olympics extra strain that it will be put under. With Vodafone’s real-time demand data, the workforce can see exactly what is happening at the same time so they can give precedence to the high-drain areas. Obviously, during the London Olympics 2012, that start on Friday, we will expect Londoners to have no interruption to their service.

The Olympics are being spread around the country but the main focus is on London. There will, of course, be times when the service is a little lacking in speed and clarity when you send high-res images, videos or download large apps or services. However, emails, voice calls and low-data transfers will be unaffected. The Vodafone network is investing £1.5 million per day in the running of the telephone sector of the company during the Olympics – a figure that is seemingly larger than the embarrassing G4S security firm’s commitment to the Games.

At the moment, the mobile operator handles more than 155 million texts, 90 million calls and sends 45TB (terabytes) of data every single day. It’s obvious that these figures will increase as extra resources will be needed to ensure that the network is capable of handling the extra. A spokesperson for the company said that on New Year’s Eve, 12,000 texts a second were sent and the network handled it amicably. The obvious logging on of Facebook and Twitter also had a drain on the resources, but again, Vodafone managed to help people get to the webpage or send the text that they wanted to at the exact time they wanted to.

Working with other countries that have seen large sporting events recently, such as the South African World Cup in 2010 and New Zealand’s Rugby World Cup in 2011, the mobile operator believes the network and infrastructure will be able to handle the data that is needed and sent during the two weeks of the London Olympics. By predicting the strain on the network and the demand of users Vodafone believes that any lack of network capabilities or loss of calls, texts or data struggle will be extraneous circumstances that could affect the supplier at any time of year and not just because of the Olympics.

Similarly, O2 the UK’s major network, has announced that its invested £50 million into the London Olympics 2012, with temporary network sites and new ones to replace old infrastructure. This needed doing anyway but with such a great excuse as the Olympics it’s already been put into place. Wi-Fi support sites will be needed by almost all of the spectators and it will serve as a backup in case of any failures that occur during the Olympics and caused many people to look for another cheap mobile phone contract.

This level of competitiveness and planning is assuring to know for the London Olympics. With the recent O2 failure a few weeks ago, and a whole host of problems that ensued with apology 10% discounts being offered, this simply cannot happen in the coming weeks.