Vodafone Swoops as O2 Pushes Jelly Bean Back

News   •   Oct 20, 2012 13:00 BST

The on-going saga of Jelly Bean reaching the UK has been raging on for months. We’ve been promised dates, times and even guarantees but when it boils down to it and the deadline is looming, there’s always a story to tell. O2 was meant to launch Jelly Bean for its users on Friday but Friday came and went and we still have no idea. Since then, Vodafone has waded in and upgraded its users with Jelly Bean for their Android customers, much to the delight of them and to the dismay of O2 customers.

It wasn’t long ago that O2 customers were angered again after network downtime in June and again a couple of weeks ago, now the Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have had to wait yet again for something that should have been so easy to fix. We’re still not sure why O2 hasn’t got the Jelly Bean update but the network Three has it now as do Vodafone. Orange and T Mobile are unstoppable at the moment, especially since being granted the 4G network by December. This is troubling times for O2 as they let GiffGaff piggy-back on the back of it, which has seen many customers move to other sources thanks to O2’s problematic year.

Of course, O2 are blaming Samsung and not Google for the update. How and why is a mystery as Samsung make the phones but Android is the operating system and Samsungs around the world can easily update, except in the UK we have to wait, yet again. The problem is with the over air update. If it was a tethered connection to update through your laptop then it could have been solved months ago. All that data flying through the air-waves is obviously too much for the carriers and costs them too much money, so it’s easier to halt it and point fingers.

There are some O2 users that have now got the software although it is 2 days’ late. Android Jelly Bean holds the key for many future updates of the original Ice Cream Sandwich, and with 4.2 on its way we could be updating again. Google, Samsung and the UK networks need to sort it out and fast. We cannot still be behind the rest of Europe and USA every time there is an update.

The staggered release will most likely see London and the south get the update with the north and remote parts of the UK getting them last. The large file size really needs a WiFi connection as 3G simply cannot handle it. We’re ready for 4G but although December has been talked about it could well be thoroughly into next year before we even see speeds faster than the embarrassing 2MBps at the moment.

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