Volkswagen Caddy Vans continues cheap van leasing deals

News   •   Feb 03, 2011 17:41 GMT

If you buy your Volkswagen Caddy from a Volkswagen dealer then you can get finance for £199 per month for the standard Caddy and £209 per month for the Volkswagen Caddy Maxi. £239 a month buys you a Volkswagen Transporter and £349 will see a Volkswagen Crafter on your van fleet.

To top the deal off, you can get free servicing for the first 30,000 miles, (or 3 years) on all VW Vans except the Crafter.

The 8 or 9 seater Volkswagen Transporter shuttle can be bought from £299 per month, while the Caravelle will set you back £349 monthly.

Finally buyers can enjoy a seven day driveaway insurance deal. VW Vans at vanlocator

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