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Waterproof Capabilities Of The Sony Xperia V Put To The Test

News   •   Jun 24, 2013 11:56 BST

Competition in the smartphone market is now fiercer than ever. Because virtually every new model boasts the latest high-end specifications, manufacturers are now competing when it comes to the durability of their new models. For example, devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Sony Xperia Z are officially certified as both dust proof and waterproof, giving the phones further appeal alongside their impressive specifications.

Perhaps the best known example of a high end smartphone model with waterproof credentials is the Sony Xperia Z. The device is fully IP55/IP57 compliant, meaning it has been officially certified as waterproof and dust proof. In order to gain these ratings, the phone was subject to tests which require it to be submerged in one metre of water for 30 minutes without being damaged. These attributes are also shared with its midrange counterpart, the Xperia V (Sony Xperia V contracts compared here).

Xperia Blog has recently reported on a news story from Taiwan, which demonstrates that the device is even more durable than its official certifications portray. Apparently, an Sony Xperia V owner accidentally dropped his smartphone into the sea whilst capturing video footage, and of course assumed that he would not see it again. Obviously, he assumed that he would never see the phone again, but by pure chance it was found by snorkelers in the same area four days later. Impressively, the phone was still in full working order and they were able to contact the owners from the handset's phonebook, and return the handset to its rightful owner.

Amazingly, the Sony Xperia V appeared not to have sustained any damage. Also, because the phone was in video capture mode when it fell into the sea, it captured 30 minutes of footage from the seabed, with surprisingly good sound and video quality, and can be viewed on the accompanying YouTube video.

Of course, this is an extreme case, as the owner was very lucky to have his phone returned. However, this story perfectly demonstrates just how durable the Sony Xperia V actually is, and is way beyond what its official waterproof certifications would suggest. If you're in the market for a waterproof smart phone, this is perhaps the best possible advertising for the Sony Xperia V.